The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Parents' National Educational Union.

Volume 1, 1890/91, pg. 240

The Right Honourable the Ear and Countess of Aberdeen.

The Most Rev. the Archbishop of York.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of London.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Ripon.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Rochester.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Wakefield.
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Durham.
The Right Honourable the Earl and Countess of Meath.
The Ven. Archdeacon Blunt.
The Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.
The Rev. Canon E. Capel-Cure.
Miss Dorothea Beale.
Miss Frances Buss.
Mrs. Boyd Carpenter.
Miss Clough.
Miss Emily Shirreff.
Mrs. Thompson.

1. -- To assist parents of all classes to understand the best principles and methods of Education in all its aspects, and especially in those which concern the formation of habits and character.
2. -- To create a better public opinion on the subject of the training of children, and, with this object in view, to collect and make known the best information and experience on the subject.
3. -- To afford to parents opportunities for Co-operation and Consultation, so that the wisdom and experience of each may be made profitable for all.
4. -- To simulate their enthusiasm through the sympathy of numbers acting together.
5. -- To secure greater unity and continuity of Education by harmonizing home and school training.

                    Central Principles.
1. -- That a religious basis of work be maintained.
2. -- That the series of addresses and other means employed by the Union shall be so arranged as to deal with Education under the following heads: -- Physical, Mental, Moral, and Religious.
3. -- That arrangements concerning Lectures, &c., be made with a view to the convenience of fathers as well as of mothers.
4. -- That the work of the Union be arranged so as to help parents of all classes.*
Hon. Sec., Miss Charlotte M. Mason, Mornington House, Bradford.
*We postpone other P.N.E.U. Notes to the publication (by request) of the Objects and Principles of the Society.

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