The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

Volume 1, 1890/91, pg. 466

FLOWER COMPETITION.--1. The first prize of a Silver Pencil has been gained by Sis Amos, aged ten, who sends the following ninety-five specimens, carefully pressed, and neatly and prettily mounted, but with one or two errors in classification:- Rubiaceae, 2 species; Caprifoliaceae, I; Umbel-liferae, 4; Saxifragaceae, 2; Rosaceae, 5; Leguminosae, 7; Sapindaceae, I; Tiliaceae, I; Geraniaceae, 4; Caryophyllaceae, 3; Violaceae, 4; Cruciferae, 10; Ranunculaceae, 7; Papaveraceae, I; Gramineae, I; Cyperaceae, 2; Juncaceae, I; Liliaceae, 2; Amaryllidaceae, I; Orchidaceae, 1; Salicineae, 5; Urticaceae, I; Euphorbiaceae, I; Thymelaceae, I; Polygonaceae, I; Plantaginaceae, I; Labiatae, 4; Scrophulariaceae, 6; Boraginaceae, 2; Apocynaceae, I; Oleaceae, I; Primulaceae, 4; Compositae, 5; Equisetaceae, I, &c. Cherry deserves honourable mention for very neatly arranged and carefully classified work.

2. The second prize of Miss Anne Pratt's "Wild Flowers" has been gained by Stanley, who sends fifty-one specimens, nicely mounted. Canary, Birdie, Eiger, Matterhorn, Jung-frau (who is six) deserve honourable mention for especially painstaking work. We wish there were prizes for all the little people who have sent in, but to know the names of the flowers and all about them is better than any prize. The owners may have their collections returned if they care to send stamps and address to the Editor, care of Messrs. W. H. Allen & Co.

Would Sis Amos send his address to the Editor?
DRAWING PRIZE.--Would Louard Alexander send his address to Mrs. F. Steinthal, Wharfemead, Ilkley? The "Shoes" must be drawn from real shoes. The drawings must be sent to Mrs. Steinthal before August 1st.

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