The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

Volume 1, 1890, pg. 718

Mrs. F. Steinthal kindly offers:--

1. A Prize of One Guinea for the best set of Doll's Furniture, made by a boy under sixteen.

2. A Prize of One Guinea for the best Dressed Doll, worked by a girl under sixteen. The works will be returned to the competitors early in December (in time to be used as Christmas-boxes). Works to be sent to Wharfemead, Ilkley, by November 15th.

3. A Prize of Half-a-Guinea for the three best Jokes, most laughter-moving incidents. To be sent to the Editor, care of the Publishers, by November 10th. The Editor hopes to receive many good jokes, which will be inserted; the three best from one competitor take the Prize.

Would "Honour Bright" be so good as to send her address?

Would contributors be good enough to give the full titles of their articles in the letters which accompany these? "The accompanying MSS." is sorely confusing in view of the necessary divorce between letters and MSS. Also, would they write name and address in full on all MSS.

Now that the Parents' Review comes out on "magazine day," contributions to "By-the-Way," "Books," and "Notes and Queries," should come in by the 10th of the month.. For articles there is no limit fixed as it is impossible to say when these may appear.

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