The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."

Volume 2, 1891/92, pg. 80

Altrincham and Bowdon Branch, Feb. 4, address from the Rev. F. Wainwright, M.A., on "Character, and What to Do with It, from and Educational Point of View." I. What Character is: (a) meaning of the word; (b) history of the thing; (c) the urgency and value of the quality. II. What to do with it; (a) elicit it; (b) educate it; (c) develop it. "Let us educate our mothers," for they have the making of character, was the key-note of an address which was received with much interest.--Hon Sec., Mrs. Marshall Rigby.

Belgravia and Westminster Branch, Feb. 7, Miss Emily Lord gave a most interesting lecture on "The Early Training of Children by Kindergarten Methods." The Rev. G. H. Ellison, Vicar of St. Gabriel's took the chair. Miss Lord pointed out that Froebel's system of using the child's natural instinct of play trained and developed his senses without overtaxing his attention, and that children gain valuable habits of observation and attention form the use of Froebel's gifts.--Hon. Sec., The Lady Isabel Margesson.

Bournemouth Branch. A course of six lectures on "The Hygiene of Childhood," by Miss E. A. Barnett, joint-authoress of "New Life, its Genesis and Culture," &c. Feb. 9, Lecture I., "Structure: the Soul's Environment; the External and Internal Skeletons," &c. Feb. 16, Lecture II., "Functions: Life's Meaning; Voluntary and Involuntary Movements; Vital Functions," &c. Feb. 23, Lecture III., "Sense and the Senses; Individual Capabilities; Care of Organs," &c. --Hon. Sec., Mrs. Nankivell.

Bradford Branch, Jan. 14, Mr. Oscar Browning gave an address of singular power and interest on "The Place of Greek in Modern Education" (see p. 1). The Rev. W. H. Keeling, M.A., in the chair. Feb. 4, Mr. T. G. Rooper, H.M.I., read a delightful paper on "Home or School? Domestic versus Boarding-school Education." The chairman, the Rev. W. H. Keeling, Professor Armitage, Dr. Rabagliatti, and Mr. Arthur Burrell took part in the discussion which followed.--Hon. Sec., Mrs. Arthur Briggs.

Cheltenham Branch, Feb. 19 (P.N.E.U. and Teachers' Guild combined), Miss Beale read a most interesting and suggestive paper on "The Science of Time," showing by means of diagrams how the chronological idea, so to speak, may be trained in children almost from their infancy.--Hon. Sec. (P.N.E.U.), Mrs. Rice-Wiggen.

Forest-Gate Branch, Jan. 19, the Rev. Edward Wynne, M.A., in the chair. Miss E. A. Barnett gave a most interesting address, setting forth the urgency and the importance of the work that lies before the P.N.E.U., and the claims the Society has upon the support of every thoughtful parent.--Hon. Sec., Mrs. Edward Wynne.

Hampstead and St. John's Wood Branch, Jan. 27, Mr. H. Perrins in the chair. Mrs. Ormiston-Chant gave an address, to a most appreciative audience, on "The Books our Children Read, and Why." "Children like simplicity and vividness in the books they read, and justice in the stories." Feb. 26. An address on "The Formation of Habit," by Miss Helen Webb, M.D.--Hon. Sec., Miss C. Playne.

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