The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
PNEU Notes

Volume 2, 1891/92, pg. 240

ALTRINCHAM, March 4. Dr. Denniston gave a very interesting and much appreciated address to the members of the Altrincham Branch on "The Physical Rearing of Children," touching on the parts played by air, exercise, bathing, &c., in physical education.-- Mrs. Marshall Rigby, Sec.

AMBLESIDE, April 7. An address on "The Principles of the P.N.E.U." was given before the Ladies' Committee for the "boarding out" of pauper children.

BOURNEMOUTH. Lectures on "The Hygiene of Childhood," by Miss E. A. Barnett. March 2, Lecture IV., "Special Ailments; Individual Features; Parents' Duties." March 9, Lecture V., "School Work in its Relation to Life; Teachers' Duties with regard to Health." March 16, Lecture VI., "Mental and Moral Training; Growth through use of Organs."-- Mrs. Nankivell, Sec.

BRADFORD, March. Mothers' Meeting at the Temperance Hall. Address by Mrs. W.H. Keeling. Address to Railway Servants on "Parental Responsibilities."-- Mrs. Arthur Briggs, Sec.

GLOUCESTER. " . . . We thought it better to put off our meetings till the autumn, and I hope we shall be able... to rouse and keep up lasting interest."-- Miss Woodward, Sec.

GRANTHAM, April 15. Committee Meeting.-- Miss Hogg, Sec.

HAMPSTEAD AND ST. JOHN'S WOOD, Feb. 26. Dr. W. Neale in the chair. Miss Helen Webb, M.B., read a clear and carefully thought out paper on "The Formation of Habit." Miss Webb spoke of "The Making, Storing, and Distributing of Nerve Force." March 19, Dr. Easby in the chair. A.H. Tubby, Esq., M.S.M.B. Lond., of Guy's Hospital, read a most able paper on "Heredity."-- Sec., Miss Playne.

KENDAL AND WINDERMERE, Feb. 26. Meeting. Resolved-- "To meet unofficially during the next session and hear papers read and discussed."-- Secs., Mr. and Mrs. Colin Somervell, Kendal, and Dr. Mason, Windermere.

SHEFFIELD. Drawing-room meeting.

SYDNEY, N.S.W. "'The Parents' National Educational Union' has been pretty freely advertised, . . . is certain to grow into a great society."-- Rev. H.L. Jackson, M.A.

We have to mourn the first break in the ranks of our contributors. The news of the death of the Rev. R.H. Quick, M.A., came upon us when we were expecting his congratulations on our new cover. We little thought when his article on "Children's Arithmetic" was going through the press (see March number), that this was the last contribution to educational thought which the world should receive from the pen of this original thinker, and most wise and genial friend to all educational effort. We mourn a double loss: Mr. Quick has done good service on the Council of the P.N.E.U.

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