The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Our Work.

Volume 2, 1891/92, pg. 718

Der Bucherbund.--Will those who wish to become members apply to Leader, Miss Elsa d'Esterre Keeling, 41, Holland Roa, Kensington, W.?

Fesole Club.--Apply to Leader, W. G. Collingwood, Esq., Lanehead, Coniston, Lancashire. Half-year recently begun; fee 10s. 6d.

Pussy Box.--Have our readers been good enough to support this kind effort to supply reading-lessons on the lines we advocate? 6d. Manager, Steam Press, Lewisham, Lee, Kent.

Onward and Upward, and Wee Willie Winkie 1d. monthly. A splendid pennyworth. "Wee Willie" is to be had by himself at an absurdly low charge. Order of any bookseller.

The Parents' Review,--"We look to the Parents' Review month by month for inspiration, encouragement, and teaching." Such, in the words of one correspondent, is the kind tenour of many letters we receive. Will every subscriber who has ever profited by one thing written in the Review endeavour to spread the line of educational thought we take up by getting one more subscriber this year? It is a mistake to lend. The lender is always at a loss for back numbers for reference. Get people to take it in. Everyone can afford sixpence a month for stimulating thought on so vital a subject as the education of his (or other people's) children. We hear of the Magazine arriving after date. The remedy is, to get it direct from the publishers, seven shillings a year, including postage.

The Parents' Review School is always open to newcomers, but after Christmas will be a specially good time to begin. We are glad to hear from many parents and governesses that the children are "very happy in their work." This is what we hoped--that a little stimulus from without, the delightful sense of working with other (unseen) children, would relieve the home schoolroom of the tedium which is apt to settle down on it. Will our readers make the P.R.S. known in the holidays? That will be one way of spreading the Parents' Review.

The House of Education,--The Manchester Guardian remarks, in an interesting leader treating of new work for women, "At Ambleside a 'House of Education' is being opened, in which ladies may be trained as nurses. There is said to be a great opening just now for ladies able to take charge of children, and many educated women would find the occupation more congenial than that of teaching." This is quite true. Already we have applications for "Tante" when she is ready, "at whatever salary the 'House of Education' thinks it right to fix." We have secured capital quarters--boarding-house, lecture hall and class-rooms. But the training is not for "Tante" only, but for ladies preparing to become governesses to older children, and last, but not least, for those whose "call" may be to become mothers or aunts. Apply to the Editor, Ambleside, for particulars.

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