The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
P.N.E.U. Notes.

Volume 2, 1891/92, pg. 720

Hampstead and St. John's Wood Branch,--A Conversazione was held on October 30, for members, at the house of the Misses Ridley. The Rev. J. R. Diggle, M.A., Chairman of the School Board for London, will address the Branch on November 19. We copy the following from the new syllabus of this Branch: it may be a useful hint to other Branches:--"As an aid to study, a Lending Library has been established for members of this Branch. Members possessing books on any subject connected with the work of the Union are requested to send a list of those they are willing to lend to the Hon. Librarian, Henry Perrin, Esq., 67, Broadhurst Gardens, who will make arrangements for their loan and return."

Sheffield Branch.--T.G. Rooper, Esq., HM.I., will give an address to the Branch on November 9.


Mrs. Duff, with kind apologies for quite unavoidable delay, awards her prize of One Guinea to Mrs. Charles Honey's List of Books. This prize has called forth lists of great value, of which we hope to give our readers the benefit bit by bit. We should add that MRs. Duff's award arrived only one day too late for publication.

Mr Colin Somervell offers a Prize of One Guinea for "The best paper of suggestions for amusement for children of nursery ages on three wet afternoons.

1. Papers not to exceed two sides of quarto paper in MS.

2. Little or no help from elders in play or amusement.

3. Of course all nursery furniture is at children's disposal, but no costly toys.

4. Competition open to parents, uncles, and aunts."

We are anxious to publish the Prize Papers for this competition in our December number, as there may be three wet days during the Christmas holidays. Would competitors, to save time, kindly address their papers to Colin Somervell, Esq., Kendal, whom they should reach by November 15.

Another word about our Prizes. This is one of several kind letters which have reached us lately:--

"In this month's number of the Parents' Review two prizes are awarded. Is it too much to ask that we might have the benefit and share in the interest of seeing what they were gained for. I am sure many of the readers of the P. R. would be grateful to know of a good list of nursery dinners, and we should also welcome any new and pretty tune to an old nursery rhyme.--A.W."

[The tune is lovely and will go to many nursery rhymes. It is a Christmas plum for the December number. We will do our best to make place for Prize Competitions.--Ed.]

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