The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Our Work.

Volume 2, 1891/92, pg. 879

The House of Education.-- "I have found no difficulty re the social status of my lady nurse. She has her breakfast and lunch with us and the children. We often have afternoon tea with the children, and if our dinner hour fits in with the discharge of her duties in putting the children to bed, or to take any pleasure in, she is invited. There should be no difficulty in any well-ordered household; a pleasant, well mannered young girl is always sensitive and exacting."   We insert this extract from a letter, as it serves to show the social status Tante must occupy, that is, that of a governess. We are glad to tell our readers that the students who enter on training on the 13th inst. are precisely such as should prove "acquisitions" in any household. But we want many more to meet the demand upon us. Will any more earnest-minded, "pleasant, well-mannered" young women join us? We can promise them most useful, and, we think, happy careers, and they will not lose caste. Or, will any who would prefer to teach older children come to us to be trained for governesses? Or, will any come for training with a view to a woman's proper future? [Write to Editor, "House of Education," Ambleside.]

The Parents' Review School.--The pupils of the Parents' Review School (ages varying from five to eighteen) have come to the end of their first term's work, and have shown happy results in their first examination. The school is accomplishing all we looked for; it is giving impetus and eager interest to the home-teaching, which is sometimes very apt to flag, and it is gratifying to find that governesses throw themselves into the scheme as heartily as do mothers. The interest of prescribed work on somewhat new lines seems to be refreshing to both teacher and taught. The new term begins on January 13th. We hope many new families will join us. [Write to Editor, "House of Education," Ambleside.]

Parents' Review Students.-- The Hon. Sec. for the Belgrave and Westminster Branch of the P.N.E.U. writes:-- "Mr. Ellison" (who presided at the meeting of the branch on Dec. 10th) "read from the Parents' Review, which he held in his hand, your plans for the next year. The one for the three years' course of study on education seemed to be much appreciated. Two or three friend of mine say it is just what they need, and we are much looking forward to it." We hope many mothers will take up this study.

The Parents' Review.-- We are grateful to those friends who have heeded our request, and have subscribed a guinea for three copies. We have further need of help. We must have at least 500 more subscribers, a number most easily attained if all our friends will help; but the need for help is very urgent. The Editor will be happy to forward ten copies of the prospectus for our new volume to all friends who will be good enough to distribute them carefully, with letters from themselves.

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