The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
School and Home

by Dorothea Beale
Principle of the Cheltenham Ladies' College.
Volume 4, 1893/94, pg. 734

[Dorothea Beale, 1831-1906, was an educational reformer and author. She began her career as a math teacher. Like Charlotte Mason, she was deeply religious and founded a teacher's college.]

A Breaking-Up Song (in the metre of DULCE DOMUM).



    Homeward turn we now our footsteps,
         Glad at heart are we,
    Soon to find a joyful welcome,
         Soon our dear ones see.
    Let no thoughts of sorrow enter
         On this happy day,
    Carolling like larks at dawning,
         Let us all be gay.
    Singing now the ancient measure,
         Let us all repeat
    Nowhere can we find like pleasure,
         Home to us is sweet.


    As some raise the song of gladness,
         Undertones are heard,
    Minors such as break the singing
         Of the midnight bird.



    Yes, we too would join that chorus,
         Would our loved ones greet,
    Welcome find from father, mother,
         Home to us is sweet.
    Yet tho' glad to greet our dear ones,
         Still we grieve to part
    From companions tried and faithful,
         Who have won our heart;
    Friends and teachers, who have led us
         Onward towards the light,
    Who have girded on our weapons,
         Armed us for the fight.


      We may meet them in the future,
           But no more shall stand
      Day by day to sing our anthems,
           One united band.
      Feel no more the quick'ning impulse,
           As of rushing wind,
      Stir us with some holy purpose,
           Make us of one mind:
      Make us know the mighty power
           Of the Oversoul,
      Make us feel we are one body,
           Form one perfect whole.


      Now we know the love that sent us
           From our earliest home,
      Spake the words which seemed to banish,
           But which bade us come!
      Come to know that true love seeketh
           For the loved, the best;
      Bids the child go forth and labour,
           Ere he seek for rest;
      Seems to part, but draws us nearer
           By an unseen might,
      To our parents, brothers, sisters,
           If we walk in light.


      Hence, returning to our homestead,
           Golden truths we bring;
      Sailing back from wider regions,
           Richer harvesting.
      Now we trace our paths more plainly,
           Looking from the height,
      From the distance grows the landscape
           Clearer to our sight;
      And our home is found more lovely,
           Now we see more clear;
      How it stands to all related,
           All to God are dear.


      Gazing thro' our garden barriers,
           Beauteous flowers we see,
      Glittering fireflies, birds' bright plumage,
           Hives of honey-bee.
      Leads a steep and slippery pathway
           To that outer world.
      Cries we hear of some who, heedless,
           Down the rocks are hurled:
      Thus the larger life beyond us,
           Which now seems so near,
      Tells us both of joy and sorrow,
           Bids us hope and fear.



      Not within the fold for ever
           Doth the Shepherd keep,
      But to living pastures leadeth
           Those that are His sheep.
      Sometimes up a rocky pathway
           Doth the Shepherd go,
      But His guidance never faileth
           Those His voice who know;
      And we trust Him who hath led you
           Ever in the past,
      For we know his faithful promise
           Ever standeth fast.



      Friends, adieu, our God be with you,
           Tears our sight may dim;
      Yet we know we are not parted,
           One we are in Him.
      One in Him with father, mother,
           Brother, sister, friend;
      Mighty are the bonds that bind us,
           Ties that none may rend.
      One in Christ we form one holy
           Family on earth;
      All are children of one Father
           Thro' the heavenly birth.


      Then these notes of joy and sorrow,
           Mingled in one strain,
      Every cadence of earth's music
           Breathes both joy and pain.


      Homeward turn we now our footsteps,
           Glad we are to greet
      Those whose love has blest our childhood;
           Home to us is sweet.
      Let us fill their cup with gladness,
           Ere those sorrows come;
      Clouds and darkness which must shadow
           Every earthly home.
      One day in eternal mansions,
           Where there is no night,
      All we loved on earth shall gather
           In the home of light.

    Music published by Novello.--Part Songs for High Schools, No. 5.

    Proofread by LNL, May 2021