The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
P.N.E.U. Notes.

Volume 5, 1894, pg. 79-80

Chairman of Committee: Dr. A. T. Schofield. Vice Chairman: A. C. P. Coote, Esq. Treasurer: James Gordon, Esq., Bradford Old Bank. Hon. Sec.: H. Perrin, Esq., 8, Carlton Hill, London, N. W. Asst. Sec.: Miss Borthwick. The objects of the Society are, briefly, to assist parents of all classes to understand the best principles and methods of education in all its aspects, and especially in those which concern the formation of habits and character, and to afford to parents opportunities for co-operation and consultation, so that the wisdom and experience of each may be profitable for all. Pamphlets giving full particulars of the work of the Union, and the Parents' Review (6d. monthly), the organ of the Society, may be obtained from the Hon. Org. Sec., to whom all subscriptions and communications should be sent.

BELGRAVIA BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Lady Isabel Margesson, 63, St. George's Road, S.W.

SHEFFIELD BRANCH.--Hon. Secs.: Mrs. Newton Coombe, Brocco Bank, and Miss Walmsley, The High School.

WOODFORD AND WASTEAD BRANCH.--Hon. Sec: Mrs. Spalding Curwen, Bywell, South Woodford. A lecture was given February 27th by Mr. Russell. Subject: "Slöjd." The Brush-work Classes began January 26th with 11 pupils. Members now number 34.

READING BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Wm. Salmon, Esq., 56, London Street. The article by Mrs. Hart Davies on "Family Life," reprinted from the Parents' Review, may now be obtained from Mr. W. Salmon, London Street, Reading. Price 1d., postage 1/2d.

HAMPSTEAD BRANCH.--With great regret we announce the resignation of Mrs. Braidwood as Hon. Sec., owing to her removal into the country. Until further notice, communications should be sent to the Hon. Org. Sec., H. Perrin, Esq., 8, Carlton Hill, London, N.W. A lecture on "Slöjd" was given on February 14th by Mr. Russell at 153, Finchley Road, N.W., by kind permission of Miss Borchardt.

STRWATHAM BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Strode, Bankside, Leigham Court Road, S.W. Dr. Schofield is now giving his National Health course.

LEEDS BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. John Barran, Weetwood. The Hon. and Rev. E. Lyttleton, head mater of Haileybury College, spoke on "The true meaning of Education," in the Yorkshire College, on January 11th to a large and interested audience. Short weekly papers on "Nursery Physiology" were commenced on February 13th. A Brush Drawing demonstration was given on January 6th in the Lecture Room of the Ladies' Council of Education.

KENDAL BRANCH.--Hon. Sec.: Colin Somervell, Esq.

SOUTHDOWN BRANCH:--Brighton Centre.--Hon. Sec.: Mrs. W. Borrer, Pakyns Manor, Hurstpierpoint. It is hoped soon to form a Branch Library. Members who have books on Education which they are willing to lend, are requested to communicate with Mrs. W. Borrer. In March, Miss Barnett will lecture on "Children's Food, its influence on Mind and Body."

Eastbourne Centre. Hon. Sec.: Mrs. Butt, Ingleside, Selwyn Road. The Secretary will be happy to receive communications from any lady or gentleman willing to read a paper on any educational subject of the next lecture to be given in March. On January 17th Mrs. Francis Steinthal gave a demonstration in Clay Modelling.

Hastings Centre.--Hon. Sec." Mrs. Venables, St. Bernard's Lodge, St. Leonard's. On Monday, March 5th, at 3p.m., Miss E. A. Barnett will speak about the Union and lecture on "The Basis of Education." March 30th, Mrs. Walter Ward will lecture on "The Central Principle of Kindergarten Teaching" and "The Norland Institute."

Hon. Local Secs. are requested to send to Mr. Perrin, without delay, reports of all matters of interest connected with their branches, written on one side of the paper only, also 20 copies of any prospectuses or other papers they may print.


A GERMAN KINDERGÄRTNERIN, age 18, who is in England, will be at liberty early in April. Has been trained in the Fröbel College, and is well certificated. Can take children from three, upwards. £20. Address--Mrs. Perrin, 8, Carlton Hill, N.W.

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