The Parents' Review

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Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
The "P. R." Letter Bag

Volume 5, 1894, pg. 155-156

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Dear Editor,--Will you kindly insert in the next number of the Parents' Review the correction of an error which I made inadvertently in my lecture on "Drawing in Infant Schools?"

In quoting an article on "Brush Work" in Hand and Eye, I described a letter on the subject as having been written by Mr. Herkomer. Mrs. Rowland Hill, the writer of the article, has pointed out to me that the letter in question was from Mr. Alma Tadema, R.A.



Dear Editor,--Will any of the readers of your valuable paper assist me by recommending a high class Nonconformist Preparatory School for a boy about ten--Lancashire or Cheshire preferred. It must be a school where the physical training of the children receives attention.

G. B.


Dear Editor,--I wonder if any of your readers would be interested in the following plan for giving recapitulation lessons?--I cut up old visiting card uniform size and shape, and on each I write some question, either out of the Geography, History, Bible, or language lesson, as the case may be. It is not much trouble to write out the questions after each lesson. These cards are all mixed together and kept in a box, then each child draws one, and if he can answer the question on it he keeps it; thus the child who has the most cards has won the "game." If there is only one child the two players are the teacher and child, the teacher claiming all that the child fails to answer.

I have lately come across a game called "Who Knows," published by Jacques and Son. This is on the same principle, but, personally, I prefer to make my own questions.

Of course everyone will have her own method of making the game. Some may prefer to keep each set of questions as a separate "game," others will mix them altogether. Little sums may also be written on the cards.



Dear Editor,--Can any reader kindly give me the title and publisher of any pretty book of hymns, verses, etc., suitable for children's amusement and instruction on Sundays? Last Christmas I tried in vain to get anything that was attractive and serious, and that had pictures to suggest Bible stories.



Dear Editor,--I frequently see reading aloud advocated as an interesting and pleasant amusement, and I fully endorse the suggestion, but when boys are the audience, what is to be their occupation? Girls can sew or knit, but boys' occupations are usually more or less noisy, and yet they cannot sit idle.



Dear Editor,--With your permission I should like to remind members of the P.N.E.U. and readers of the Parents' Review that subscriptions for the current year are due, and to ask those who have not paid to send them to our Sec., Miss Ethel Forsyth, 28, Victoria Street, S.W. I would also ask all our friends to make a special effort to increase the circulation of the Review and to support the Committee in their endeavours to extend the work of the Society.

I desire to thank those friends who have kindly supplied copies of the P.R., for May, 1892, in response to my request. I have now enough of this issue for the present, and am now wanting April, 1892, and January, 1893.

HENRY PERRIN, Hon. Org. Sec.

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