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Volume 10, 1899, pg. 193

Conference.--The annual conference will be held on May 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1899. Full particulars of detailed arrangements will be notified in due course.

Natural History Club.--The special subject selected for this year is "The Stars," and a pamphlet containing outlines for a course of study on astronomy, with suggestions for children's work and list of books will be sent to members. Subscription 2s, 6d., payable to Miss Blogg, 28, Victoria Street.

The Natural History Club Exhibition will be held in London at the same time as the annual conference.

Translation Society.--Subscription 1s, 6d. For particulars apply to Miss C. A. Rooper, Pen Selwood, Bournemouth.

Literary Society.--It is proposed to arrange a society for promoting an interest in English literature, by the study of passage from classical authors. For each month in the year some passage, either of prose or poetry will be 1s. 6d. per annum. Any lady wishing to join is requested to send her subscription to Miss Blogg, 28, Victoria Street, London, S.W. Particulars apply to Miss C. A. Rooper, Pen Selwood, Bournemouth.

Parents' Review School.--As the Easter term is so short the examination papers will not be sent out till March 22nd, thus allowing till March 29th for the examination. The Christmas examination papers will be returned on receipt of postage.

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House of Education.
Report on the Nature Note Books, Christmas, 1898.

Class I.
      1. R. A. Graves
      2. E. M. E. Wilkinson
      3. R. A. Pennethorne
      4. Ethel Armitage

Class II.
      5. E. Wingate
      6. E. O. Williams
      7. Lucy M. Gore
      8. F. Armitage
      9. M. G. Gayford
      10. M. Ambler
      11. E. Bevis
      12. L. Magill

Class III.
      13. M. Butler
      14. E. H. Allen
      15. G. M. Mackenzie
      16. H. M. Stubbs
      17. K. J. Ross

I have received this year seventeen books (1 in July and 16 in December) and place them in order of merit as above. The improvement in the general standard of work noticed in last year's report is very well maintained, the first class, though small in number, being exceptionally strong in both drawing and lecture work--Miss Graves' drawings of both flowers and insects, and Miss Wilkinson's of insects, are very good indeed. I notice with much pleasure that two methods of enriching the note books are used now for the first time--drawing the leaves of trees of the natural size, and introducing original examples derived from the student's own observation in illustrations of the lecture notes. Many of the lecture notes are very well expressed, and show not only great interest in, but also thorough understanding of the subject taught.
Jan. 19th, 1899.
Herbert D. Geldart.

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