The Parents' Review

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"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
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Volume 10, 1899, pg. 261

House of Education.--The senior students are looking forward with pleasure to the Conference. They are going up for it this year for the first time. Several students will teach in order to give some slight idea of the methods used in the P.N.E.U.

Parents' Review School.--The summer term begins April 24th. Want of space has prevented our publishing the Examiner's Report on the Christmas Examination sooner.

Examiner's Report. Christmas, 1898.

"The work done this term is very satisfactory, the papers shewing a more uniformly even standard. About 20 per cent. gain excellent, 20 per cent. good and only about 5 per cent. fall below the average. Bible lessons and history (English, Roman, French, European) gain the highest marks, but natural history also is very generally well done. Writing and dictation shew the greatest improvement, almost 40 per cent. gained 90 per cent. or more of fall marks. There is, however, in some papers, a too marked difference between the spelling of the papers generally and that of the paragraph given as a test. Arithmetic in every class except Class III. is accurate: the failure in that class is probably partly due to the fact that two of the four questions for solution required a longer and more difficult calculation than usual. In Class IV. the results are distinctly an improvement. In mathematics there are a few papers very well done, but the greater number have relied on memory rather than reasoning power, and consequently there is failure. English grammar also shews some improvement, but a smaller percentage of the pupils reach full marks than in any other subject.

"The other subjects--Composition, Languages, Science, Drawing, Literature--are satisfactory, and call for no detailed remarks." (Signed) J. B., Examiner.


Translation Society Report.

"The Examiner has much pleasure in giving a favourable report of the work of the members of the Translation Society during the past year. The translations have been written with much pains and care and have shown that the translators have for the most part grasped the conceptions of the originals. The Examiner wishes to take this opportunity of explaining to the members that the object of the Society is not to work out school girl exercises, but to suggest various courses of study of different authors to be followed out at the discretion of the members. "Mrs. Crichton has won the prize." (Signed) C. Agnes Rooper.

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