The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
The "P.R." Letter Bag.

Volume 10, 1899, pg. 613

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Dear Editor,--I would be very grateful if you or any readers of the Parents' Review, can tell me of some books, magazines or papers in French which would be a help to a young Swiss girl in the care and training of children; also of any simple French books on religion, such as Drummond's or J.D. Miller's. I would be glad to know if translations are to be had of the writings of either of these authors. I would also be glad to hear of some simple children's books, preferably illustrated, which would be suitable to be read to or by children of five and seven.

Yours truly,
Stratford House, Chapel Allerton, Nr. Leeds. R.W. Barran.

P.N.E.U. Notes.

Edited by Miss Frances Blogg, Sec., 28, Victoria Street, S.W.

To whom all Hon. Local Secs. are requested to send reports of all matters of interest connected with their branches, also 30 copies of any prospectuses or other papers they may print.

The Office will be closed from August 1st to September 12th. Only important letters can be answered.

New Branches.
The Executive Committee has been approached with a view to starting Branches in the following places:--
Crofdon.--Names may be sent pro tem., P. Rands, Esq., Brighty, Bensham Manor Road.
Brussels.--Names may be sent pro tem.., Madame de Goeij, 35, Rue du Moulin.
Guildford--Names may be sent pro tem., to Mrs. Clarke Kennedy, Ewhurst Rectory, near Guildford.
Readers of the Partents' Review living in these districts, or having friends there, are asked to communicate with Miss Blogg.


The Library Committee desire to express their thanks to Mrs. Whittaker Thompson for her gift to the library of Daughters of England (Mrs. Ellis).


Hampstead.--The late hon. secretary (Mrs. Pearce) having resigned, owing to removal from Hampstead, the work has been taken again for a time my Mrs. Herbert Smith, 19, Cannon Place, Hampstead, to whom all communications connected with the branch should be addressed. The following programme has been arranged for next session:--October 24th, lecture on "Boys and Newspapers," by J.L. Paton, Esq.,M.A., Headmaster, University College School. November 17th, "An English Educational Reformer" (R. H. Quick), by J. Russell, Esq., B.A. December, "The Relation of Pupil to Teacher in Science," by Mrs. Boole. January, 1900, an afternoon lecture on "Music in its Practical Aspect as it enters into Every-day Life," by George Langley, Esq. February, "Dr. Arnold, of Rugby," by M.E. Sadler, Esq. (Education Department). March, "The Newer Method of Teaching Modern Languages, its History and Results," by Baudiss, Esq. April, "The Place of Imaginative Poetry in Education," by Miss Carta Sturge. May, "The Feelings and Mental Development," by Dr. Boulting.