The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
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Volume 13, 1902, pg. 232

Parents' Review--We have from time to time been requested to reprint occasionally some of the very valuable papers which are buried in the early numbers of the Parents' Review. We propose to do so now and then, and such articles will be marked by a dagger after the title.

A very satisfactory amount of work has been done in the term, and the syllabus generally faithfully followed, if the parents' reports as well as the work sent up for examination be taken into account. The number of subjects however, submitted to the test of the written examination, shows some diminution on previous years.
The best results have been attained in Bible Lessons, Dictation, Arithmetic, Euclid and Tales, all subjects showing about 50 percent of papers with 90 percent or upwards of full marks, and only about 20 to 25 percent below the average.
Natural History and Greek History also both show very satisfactory work; but English History fails to maintain, for the first time, the high standard invariable reached in former examinations.
Geography and English Grammar are very fairly done. In the latter subject there are still few papers that gain full marks, but they are freer from glaring errors that point out indifferent teaching.
In Botany about 33 percent gain "excellent," and these deserve praise both for their subject-matter and the creditable illustrations given with answers. About 50 percent however fall below fair. This is a slight falling off from last year.
Latin papers show marked improvement both in quantity and quality.
Euclid, although only attempted by few, shows improvement. The proofs are distinctly efforts of reasoning rather than of memory.
Algebra has not been done well.
Other subjects reach about the usual average standard.

Comparatively few German papers have been sent in. The work done was on the whole fairly good. A few papers were good, some below the average.

The French papers also were fewer in number, and the work sent in does not reach the standard of former years, except in a few cases.

Examination papers will be returned on receipt of postage.
As Easter falls so early this year, the examination papers will be sent out for Thursday, March 20th.
Translation Society.--The subject for this month (March) if from Mithridate (Racine).
Literary Society.--The subject for this month (March) is selection from Prometheus Unbound (Shelley).
We should be glad of a few more members for this Society.

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