The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Our Work.

Volume 13, 1902, pg. 471-472

The house of Education is closed from August 1st to September 15th. Letters relating to the House of Education, Parents' Review School, Mothers' Educational Course, Governesses, etc., cannot be received or answered between these dates.

Parents' Review--We have from time to time been requested to reprint occassionally some of the very valuable papers which are buried in the early numbers of the Parents' Review. We propose to do so now and then, and such articles will be marked by a dagger after the title.

House of Education.--Ladies who wish for Probationers should apply as soon as possible to the Secretary, House of Education, Ambleside. Probationers go out for a month or five weeks, between July 14th and September 30th, and are able by means of Nature-lore and Handicrafts to introduce their pupils to many new interests. Terms, 10/- a week and travelling expenses.


"It affords me pleasure to be able to report most favourably on the work of the Easter Examination. The deficiences noted in the report of the Christmas Examination have been more than made good, and the papers now sent up for examination are in every way thoroughly good in almost all sujbects."

"The few German papers were on the whole satisfactory, one paper in Class III. And several in Class Ib. were excellent."

The Easter Examination papers will be returned on receipt of postage. The Summer Examination papers will be sent out for Monday, July 7th. The Summe Examination is optional, and the parents report on all the work, the report to be sent to Ambleside before August 1st, or after September 15th. All new members must apply for admission before August 1st, or after September 15th.

Mother's Educational Course.--The Examination papers will be sent out for Monday, June 9th. Will any members who wish to postpone the examination kindly communicate at once with the Secretary, House of Education, Ambleside.

Parents' Review.--The July and August members will be devoted to the Report of the Conference. Any members who wish to spread the knowledge of our principles would do well to order extra numbers and send them to their friends. A list of addresses with 6d. in stamps for each number may be sent to Miss Armfield, who will send the Reviews post free.

P.N.E.U. Literary Society.--Subject for June:--Anthony & Cleopatra, Shakespere.

P.N.E.U. Translation Society.--From Egmont, Goethe.
Pen Selwood, Gervis Road, Bournemouth,
From whom all particulars may be obtained.

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