The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
P.N.E.U. Notes.

Volume 13, 1902, pg. 671-672

Edited by Miss F. Noël Armfield, Sec., 26, Victoria Street, S.W.
To whom all Hon. Local Secs. are requested to send reports of all matters of interest connected with their branches also 6 copies of any prospectuses or other papers they may print.
N.B.--Kindly write on one side of the paper only.

The Office at 26, Victoria Street, will be closed from August 1st to September 16th, inclusive. Important communications will be forwarded to the Secretary. No library books can be changed or sent out between these dates.


In October, Mrs. Franklin, Hon. Organising Secretary, will open a branch at Southend. Any members having friends in that neighbourhood are asked to communicate with their Secretary, 26, Victoria Street, S.W.

The Executive Committee has been approached with a view to starting Branches in the following places:--

    CROYDON.--Names may be sent pro tem. to P. Rands, Esq., Brighty, Bensham Manor Road.
    DUNFERMLINE.--Mrs. Beveridge, Pitreavie, Dunfermline, would be glad to hear from people interested.
    GUILDFORD.--Names may be sent pro tem. to Mrs. Clarke Kennedy, Ewhurst Rectory, near Guildford.
    MANCHESTER.--Mrs. Freston, 6, St. Paul's Road, Kersal, Manchester, will receive names of people interested in this Branch (pro tem.).
    TUNBRIDGE WELLS AND DISTRICT.--Hon. Sec. and Treasurer: Mrs. Trouton, Rotherfield, Sussex (pro tem.).

Readers of the Parents' Review living in these districts, or having friends there, are asked to communicate with Miss Armfield, 26, Victoria Street, S.W.

WAKEFIELD.--The Natural History Walks have been continued this summer. The weather has been very favourable, only one Saturday being wet; on that day an indoor lecture was given instead of the walk, in which the children became acquainted with the development and life of frogs. Various parts of the country in the neighbourhood of Wakefield were visited. At the beginning of each walk the children fixed the cardinal points, the direction and force of the wind, and the different kinds of clouds which were visible at the time. In the course of the walk they gathered as many specimens as possible of the flowers then in blossom, talked about the seeds of the faded ones and of the buds of others. Birds were watched while flying or walking; the question of the use of insects was discussed, and horses, cows, sheep, and dogs were compared with as regard to their structure and their mode of life. There will be one more walk this term, and it is to be hoped that the weather will keep fine, for, although the number of children who come is not large, they all show an eager interest and are keen about the work.


Will members kindly note on their catalogues the following additions to the Library:--

(1) Life of Pasteur (in two vols.), by Rene Vallery-Radot.
(2) Improvement of the Mind, by Chapone.
(3) Temple Bar--May, 1902. (Containing an article by Mrs. Clement Parsons, entitled Children at Home).

The Secretary will be much obliged if the member who borrowed Training of the Young in Laws of Sex will return it to the office as soon as possible.

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