The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
List of Books Added to the P.N.E.U. Library

Volume 14, 1903, pgs. 319-320

List of Books Added to the P.N.E.U. Library
Since the Issuing of the Appendix (1901).

Gospel of S. Luke Plumtre 3d.
Gospel of S. John Westcott 5d.
Historic Faith Westcott 4d.
Assyria Sayce 3d.
Notes on the Parables Trench 4d.
Natural Religion Stanley 2 1/2d.
How we got our Bible Sayce 3d.
Gospel of the Resurrection Westcott 4d.
Light from the East Ball 6d.
Bible Lessons Abbott 3d.
Religious Teaching Bell 3d.
Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer Maclear 2 1/2 d.
Ecce Homo Charles 4d.
Kindergarten Bible Stories Bates 3d.
Church Catechism Maclear 2d.

Making of Character MacCunn 3d.
Herbartian Psychology applied to Education Adams 4d.
Daughters of England Ellis 4d.
Education (monthly) 1/2d.
Chapone's Letters 3d.
Laws of Every-day Life Arnold Foster 3d.
Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Children Taylor 2 1/2d.
Pastor Agnorum Skrine 4d.
Theory and Practice of Education Thring 3d.

Hygiene and Physiology.
The Mother's Help and Guide Braidwood 3d.
Health in the Nursery Ashby 3d.
Care of the Child in Health Oppenheim 4d.
Lessons in Elementary Physiology Huxley 3d.
Mother's Manual of Children's Diseases West 3d.
Sanitary Work Staff 3d.
Management of Infancy Coombe 3d.
General Nursing Luckes 4d.

Psychology and Ethics.
Elements of Ethics Muirhead 3d.
Paedologist (quarterly) 2d.
Child Life (monthly) 1 1/2d.
Mind of a Child Preyer 4d.
Equal Moral Standing for Men and Women 1d.
The Force of the Mind Schofield 4d.

Natural Science.
Botany Hooker 1 1/2d.
Starland Ball 5d.
Geology, Primer of Geikie 2d.
Elementary Lessons in Astronomy Lockyer 3d.
Story of the Heavens Ball 6d.
Study of Animal Life Thomson 4d.
*Eyes and No Eyes Buckley 4d.
*With Nature and a Camera Kearton 5d.
*Our Bird Friends Kearton 4d.
White's Natural History of Selborne, Illus. Kearton 4d.
*Through Magic Glasses Buckley 4d.
*Parables from Nature Gatty 3d.
Scientific Lectures and Essays Kingsley 4d.
*Glances on the Wonders of the Shore Kingsley 4d.
*Madam How and Lady Why Kingsley 4d.
Flashlights on Nature Grant Allen 4d.
Every-day Book of Natural History Cundall & Step 4d.
History of Birds Stanley 4d.
Our Country's Shells Gordon 4d.
Chatty Object Lessons in Nature Knowledge Hackwood 3d.
*Nature Study Readers, I. and II. 3d. each.
Romance of the Insect World Badenoch 4d.
*Nature Wonders Carrington 4d.
*Handbook of Grasses Hutchinson 3d.
*Stroll on a Marsh Uncle Matt 2d.
*Tommy Smith's Animals Selous 3d.
Geology, Intermediate Text Book of Lapworth 3d.
*Rural Reader (Senior) Murche 4d.
*Population of an Old Pear Tree Bruyssel 3d.
*Tales of the Birds Fowler 3d.
*More Tales of the Birds Fowler 3d.
*Lives of the Hunted Thomas Seton 4d.
*Wild Animals I Have Known Thomas Seton
*Stories of my Four Friends Jane Andrews 2 1/2d.
*Stories Mother Nature told her Children Jane Andrews 2 1/2d.
*Seven Little Sisters Jane Andrews 2 1/2d.
*The Ten Little Boys Jane Andrews 2 1/2d.
*Nature Knowledge Readers. I. and II. 2 1/2d each.
Geological map 2 1/2d
Clear Round Gordon 4d.
Street of Human Habitation Lineham 4d.
Nature Study Exhibition and Conferences, 1902, Official Report of 3d.

*Heroes Kingsley 4d.
*Stories from Homer Church 4d.
*Stories from the Iliad Church 4d.
*Stories from the Odyssey Church 4d.
*Stories Virgil Church 4d.
*Stories from the Greek Tragedians Church 4d.
*Myths of Hellas Witt 4d.
*Heroes of Asgard Keary 3d.
*Tanglewood Tales Hawthorne 4d.
Study of a Child Hogan 3d.
Kindergarten Guide Bates
National Home Reading Union Magazine (monthly) 1/2d.
Life of Pasteur. 2 vol.s Valery Redout 3d.
Temple Bar, May, 1902 2d.
Jubilee Book of F. M. Buss Schools 3d.
*Prince Childe Pemberton—
French Conversations Mande 2d.
Imperial Recitations Fisher 2d.

*Suitable for children to read or to have read to them.

The following books are no longer in the Library:—Human Physiology, Republic of Childhood, Froebel's Gifts, Saltaire Kindergarten Games, Ten Minutes Lessons in Sight Singing, Chronological Maps, Historical Reader, History of London, Exercises in English Word Formation, Exercises in the Study of French, Les Confessions, The Children, Golden Boat Songs, Circular Tables, Recitations for Young Children, Moral Training, Building of the Intellect, Essays on Character, Health, Work and Play, Hygiene of Childhood and Youth, Study of French.

Proofread by Leslie Noelani Laurio, December 2008