The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Our Work.

Volume 14, 1903, pg. 472

House of Education.

Ladies wishing for Probationers for the Summer holidays should apply without delay. Ladies who do not see their way to employ House of Education governesses should take this opportunity of getting their help in nature work, handicraft, educational principles, etc.

The House of Education is closed from August 1st to September 15th. Letters relating to the House of Education, Parents' Review School, Mothers' Educational Course, Governesses, etc., cannot be answered or received between these dates.

A set of meteorological instruments (Fitzroy barometer, rain gauge and maximum and minimum thermometer) has been generously presented to the College by Miss F. C. A. Williams.

Parents' Review School.

Examiner's Report. Easter, 1903.

The standard of previous examinations has been well maintained, and there is some slight improvement in the number of papers sent up for examination. Much good work appears to have been done. This is the more creditable, seeing that there appears to have been rather more than the usual unavoidable interruptions to regular sustained work. A pleasing feature is the almost complete absence of absolutely bad papers.

Bible lessons in all classes are almost without exception either good or excellent; also English History. French History is not so generally good, but Greek and European History is well done.

Natural History and Botany have received very careful study, and the admirably drawn illustrations of a very large number of the papers add very materially to their value.

Algebra has not received adequate attention, but Euclid is very fairly done. Arithmetic is fairly good and in Classes III. and IV. shows some improvement. Dictation has been exceedingly well done.

There are also several papers in the Literature in Class IV. which manifestly show an interest in and appreciation of that subject on the part of the pupils.

Geography is well done and illustrated frequently by well drawn maps.

J. B.

French.—Le travail en general a ete satisfaisant. Les questions de grammaire n'ont pas ete comprises pour la 4ieme Classe. J. M.

The few German papers were well done as far as translation into English is concerned. The retranslations into German shewed good knowledge of the subject, but were done in very slipshod grammar.

M. D.

Papers will be returned on receipt of postage.

Mothers' Education Course.—The papers will be sent out on Saturday, June 6th. Will members wishing to postpone their examination kindly communicate at once with the Secretary, House of Education, Ambleside.

P.N.E.U. Literary Society.—Subject for June: A Selection from Lowell's Poems.

P.N.E.U. Translation Society.—Subject for June: Le Contract Sociale (J. T. Rousseau).
C. Agnes Rooper,
Hon. Sec.,
Pen Selwood,
Gervis Road, Bournemouth, From whom all particulars may be obtained.

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