The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
Art Club.

Volume 14, 1903, pgs. 629-633

This Club is open to any readers of the Review, either lady or gentleman. The terms are 6s. for six months. All work marked for exhibition is criticised by Mr. David Murray, A.R.A., on the yearly "Pupils' Show Day," in Miss Stewart Wood's studio, Vine Court Studio, Holland Street, Kensington. All particulars of the Club can be obtained from Miss A. Y. Davidson, Secretary, 41 Bessborough Gardens, London, S.W.

May to November, 1903.

Subjects for August.

I.—"A Holiday Subject." Those members who are fortunate enough to be by the sea should take the chance of trying to strengthen their colour by a study, especially on a day when the sea reflects the blue sky. Try and get a bit of rock to work at, and against it note the curling lines of the water. Failing this, members are allowed free choice of a subject.

II.—"Harvest Moon." Nothing can be more beautiful than the waning light of these warm August evenings. The simplest subject is the best; a bit of field with the stubble still ungleaned, with a gate or corner of a hedge. Let the study have something of the glow of the season in it.

Our Work.

House of Education.

The House of Education is closed from August 1st to September 15th, Letters relating to the House of Education, Parents' Review School, Mothers' Educational Course, Governesses, etc., cannot be answered or received between these dates.

P.N.E.U. Literary Society.—Subject for August; Selection of poems from Tennyson.

P.N.E.U. Translation Society.—Subject for August: One of Racine's plays.
C. Agnes Rooper, Hon. Sec.,
Pen Selwood, Gervis Road,
From whom all particulars may be obtained.

"Parents' Review" Purchase Fund.

The following shareholders have generously given up their shares:—
Aberdeen, Rt. Hon. Earl of
Balme, Exors of Mr. E. B. W.
Booth, Mr. Alfred
Clough, Miss B. A.
Danks, Ven. Archdeacon
Ford, Miss
Forster, Mr. E. P. Arnold
Gordon, Hon. J. E. & Mrs.
Morse, Mrs.
Priestman, Mrs.
Rooper, The late Mr.
Sharpe, Rev. T. W.
Steinthal, Mr. F.
Williams, Miss
X. Y. Z.
Youle, Mr. Frederick

The following donations to the Fund have been received:—

Andrew, Mrs. W. North
Anson, Mrs. F. W.
Armfield, Miss, per
Ashton, Mrs. Gwatkin
Badcock, Mrs.
Banister, Lt.-Col.
Barbour, Lady
Barbrook, Mrs.
Barker, Mrs.
Barnard, Mr. I. C.
Barr, Mrs.
Barrington, Lady Kennett
Beardmore, Mrs. C. F.
Bigland, Mrs. Harris H
Birnstingl, Mrs.
Bishop, Mrs.
Bolton, Mrs.
Bowyer, Mrs.
Bradley, Mrs.
Broadhurst, Mrs.
Buchan-Smith, Miss
Buchan-Smith, Miss C.
Buxton, Mrs.
Cameron, Mrs.
Campbell, Lady
Campbell, Mrs. Walter
Cayley, Lady Mary
Chaplin, Mrs. H.
Christison, Mrs.
Clarke, Miss E.
Clarke, Mrs.
Cohen, Mrs.
Conder, Miss
Cooper, Mrs.
Coote, Sir Algernon & Lady
Cowan, Mrs. R. C.
Coxhead, Mrs.
Curtis, Col. J. G.
Daman, Mrs.
Davis, Mr. A. H.
Davis, Mrs. Rudolf
Davy, Mrs.
Devonshire, Mrs.
Dismorr, Mrs.
Dudeney, Mrs. E. R.
Dyer, Mrs.
Edwards, Mrs. W. J., Jun.
Edwards, Mrs. Jane
Edis, Mrs.
Eyre, Mrs.
Farnworth Branch
Farrer, Mrs.
Ferraboschi, Mrs.
Firth, Mrs.
Fountain, Mr. I. S.
Fowler, Miss
Fowler, Mrs.
Fowler, Mrs.
Franklin, Mrs. L.
Freeman, Mr. L.
Fremantle, Hon. Mrs.
Friedberger, Mrs.
G. and G. C.
Gates, Mr. and Mrs.
Gibson, Mrs. G. D.
Gilmore Barnett, Mrs.
Glover, Mrs. J.
Gooch, Mr. and Mrs.
Gordon, Mrs. A. D.
Goudge, Mrs. J. de B.
Hall, Mrs.
Hamley, Mrs.
Hart, Mrs. E. D.
Henderson, Mrs.
Hendley, Mrs.
Herbert Smith, Mrs. C.
Hopkinson, Mrs.
Howson, Mr. F.
Husband, Mr. and Mrs.
Jackson, Mrs.
Jeffcock, Mrs. H. L.
Jessel, Mrs.
Jessop, Mrs.
Jose, Miss
Kersey, Mrs.
Kinsey, Mrs.
M.W.K. and E.K.
Lacey, Lady Helen
Langworthy, Mrs. H.
LaTouche, Mrs.
Lawder, Mrs.
Lawther, Mrs.
Leadbetter, Mrs.
Lescuyer, Mme. H.
Lilley, Miss A.
Little, Mrs.
Littleboy, Mrs. and friend
Loder, The Lady Louise
Lowy, Mrs.
Lubbock, Mrs. Hugh
Marks, Mr.
Mason, Mrs. J.
Masson, Miss
Meyer, Mrs.
Miller, Mrs.
Monks, Mrs. F. W.
Montagu, Lady
Montefiore, Mr. C. G.
Moro, Mrs. A.
Morton, Mrs.
Muhlberb, Mrs.
Mure, Mrs.
Myer, Mrs.
Newgass, Mrs.
Nicholson, Mrs.
Olive, Mr. C. D.
Orr Laidlaw, Mrs.
Parke, Mrs. Herbert
Pease, Mrs. H. M.
Penn, Miss
Penny, Mrs.
Penrose, Mrs. E.
Perrin, Mr. and Mrs.
Phear, Mrs.
Pidcock, Mr. G. (for Hampstead Branch)
Pidcock, Mrs.
Playfair, Mr. J. E.
Powell, Mr. C. E.
Poynting, Mr.
Prat, Marquise de
R. A. B.
Ranger, Mrs.
Rawstorne, Mrs.
Rees, Mrs.
Rigby, Mrs.
Robson Scott, Mrs.
Rowley, Mrs. J.
Rutson, Mrs.
Saffrey, Mrs. I.L.
Schultz, Mrs.
Scott, Mrs. M. B.
Sharpe, Mrs.
Simon, Miss
Simpson, Mrs.
Simpson, Mrs.
Slade, Mrs.
Smee, Mrs.
Snook, Mrs. F.A.
Spielman, Mrs. M.
Stirling, Mrs.
Stocker, Miss
Sturdey, Mr. E. T.
Sturton, Miss H. C.
Swan, Mr. E. H.
Taber, Mr.
Taylor, Mr.
Thompson, Mr. W.
Thursby, Mrs.
Travers, Mrs.
Tubbs, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mrs.
Underhill, Mr.
Uridge, Mrs.
Vincent, Lady
Waley, Mrs. Walker, Miss M. R.
Walker, Mrs.
Wall, Miss
Walser, Mrs.
Ward, Major R. E.
Ward, Mrs. Higgs
Webb, Miss Helen (M.B.), Lecture Fees
Wentworth, Mrs. V.
Whiteley, Mr. T. C.
Whyte, Mrs.
Worsfold, Mrs. M. E.
Wicksteed, Mrs.
Wills, Lady
Williams, Mrs. Albert
Winkworth, Mrs.
Woodford and Wanstead
Woods, Mrs.
Interest on Subscriptions
Half Share Parents' Review profits, 1902
Grant from P.N.E.U. Funds

Balance Sheet.
By Donations as per foregoing list: 405 pounds 0 shillings 8 pence
To payment of remaining shareholders (unclear amounts)
Bank charges, etc.
Solicitors' costs, etc.
Stamp duties, etc.

We offer very hearty congratulations to the Parents' Union that it has now, as a fact, obtained possession of this magazine, the Parents' Review, which has been for the last fourteen years devoted to the dissemination of its opinions, and the promotion of its interests. All who are interested in the P.N.E.U. must needs feel heartily grateful to those generous members and others who have secured this permanent advantage to the Union. We say permanent, because, though the generosity of the original shareholders made the Parents' Review practically the property of the Union (without any advantage whatever to the shareholders), yet the questions of heirs and assigns would in time have come into force, and it is a matter of great thankfulness to all concerned that the Magazine should be made securely the property of the Union, whether by the subscriptions of original shares or of donations in money. We beg to offer most grateful thanks in the name of the Union to all such subscribers.—Charlotte M. Mason, Ed.

Rooper Memorial Fund.
Miss F. N. Armfield,
Secretary of the Parents' National Educational Union.


A meeting has been held here to inaugurate a scheme to perpetuate the memory of the late Mr. T. G. Rooper. We feel that it would be most appropriate that the Parents' National Educational Union should be associated with the movement, and should like to know what the views of the members of the Union are on the matter.

Perhaps you can suggest the names of one or two members of the Union who would be willing to serve on the Committee.

Yours truly,
Hartley University College, Southampton, J. F. Hudson.
June 10th, 1903
General secretary.

We append extracts from the circular issued by the Committee:—

Rooper Memorial Fund.
"Patrons: —His Grace The Archbishop of Canterbury; His Grace The Duke of Bedford, K.G.; His Grace The Duke of Wellington; The Rt. Hon. Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

"General Committee:—Sir Thomas D. Acland, Bart.; Prof. Bernard Bosanquet; Mr. J. Bonham-Carter, J.P.; The Principal of Brasemore College, Oxford; etc., etc.

"A desire has been expressed in many quarters that steps should be taken to perpetuate the memory of the late Mr. T. G. Rooper, M.A., H.M.I., who passed away on May 20th, 1903, so prematurely as it seems to his friends, especially those whose privilege it was to be associated with him in educational work. All who knew him are aware of the enduring value of his inspiring influence, his far-sighted enthusiasm, and his noble character.

"Mr. Rooper held the office of H.M. Inspector of Schools in the Isle of Wight, Southampton, and the vicinity during the last seven years, and previously spent fifteen years as H.M. Inspector in the Bradford district. His splendid work in the cause of education is widely known throughout England, and his influence extended to other countries. His powers and his means were always generously devoted to the furtherance of the many movements with which he was identified.

"The Committee above mentioned has been formed to give effect to the feeling referred to by establishing some permanent memorial in honour of Mr. Rooper, so that there may be carried down to future generations the record of a name and a life which will always be held in peculiar affection and esteem.

"In order that the memorial may be associated with the work to which he devoted almost the whole of his life, the Committee suggest that it should take the form of a Scholarship to be called the 'Thomas Godolphin Rooper Scholarship,' tenable at a place of higher education by students who have at some time been scholars of a Public Elementary School, but that all condition should be finally decided at a meeting of subscribers.

"They feel that to raise a memorial worthy of the occasion, a sum of from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds should be obtained—sufficient to found a scholarship of the annual value of not less than 50 pounds. The Committee beg to call your attention to this memorial scheme, and to appeal to your sympathy and support. They are confident that such a scholarship, if founded, will not only preserve the memory of Mr. Rooper in a manner which would have been most grateful to him, but will also prove of very great educational value.

"Contributions paid to the account of the 'Rooper Memorial Fund' at Grant and Maddison's Bank, High Street, Southampton, will be acknowledged by the Manager of the Bank. Subscriptions may also be sent to the Treasurer, Mr. A. Key, 31, Belmont Road, Portswood, Southampton.

"Other communications should be addressed to the Hon. Secretaries, Hartley University College, Southampton."

[Dr. Schofield has been appointed to represent the P.N.E.U. on the "Rooper Memorial Fund" Committee. We believe that many members of the Union will gladly take this opportunity to express their sense of the exceedingly great debt that we, as an educational body, owe to the late Mr. T. G. Rooper. We feel it an honour to have the name of so distinguished an educationalist so intimately associated with our work, and with every part of our work, from the beginning of the P.N.E.U. till the close of Mr. Rooper's life. It is impossible to estimate what he has done for us in the way of impulse, suggestion, and encouragement; and no doubt many of us will be glad to assist in this worthy effort to commemorate his work in a most suitable way. Fuller information, with the circular, subscription list, etc., may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary of the Rooper Memorial Fund.—Ed.]

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