The Parents' Review

A Monthly Magazine of Home-Training and Culture

Edited by Charlotte Mason.

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."
The "P.R." Letter Bag.

by Edith Fisher.
Volume 15, 1904, pg. 214-215315-320

[The Editor is not responsible for the opinions of Correspondents.]

DEAR EDITOR,--In view of the large circulation of Mr. Wells' Book, Mankind in the Making, and the great interest which it has aroused in the minds of many of your readers, I think the following letter will be of interest to them. He has kindly given me permission to print it.
Yours faithfully,
H. Franklin
Hon. Org. Sec.

"Dear Mrs. Franklin,--I am very much obliged to you for the interesting papers you have sent me and for the evidence these contain of an educational movement that is at once enthusiastic and sane. I am entirely sympathetic with the Parents' Union so far as it is here displayed, and it is only the limitations of my time and strength that forbid a more active participation in your proceedings.--Yours very sincerely, H. G. WELLS, Spade House, Sandgate, February 21st, 1904."

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