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Full Version: PLEASE READ: Routine Maintenance this week
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There is a minor update that needs to be done on the forum. I hope to do this one night this weekend after the little ones are in bed. It should not take very long and hopefully, the side effects should not be as they are when we do an upgrade.
It is that time again. I am going to attempt to update the forum this weekend. We are going to TRY to do it at night, but I apologize in advance if our only working time slot is during the day. I would have tried tonight, but I forgot to announce and we decided we needed to deal with the yellow jackets that thought they wanted to live in our home for the winter instead....sigh.

So, if you go to the site and you cannot access it (and there will be a message there telling you that maintenance is going on, I believe), give me a couple of hours and hopefully, we will have it back up and running. And as always, if you notice things being glitchy afterwards, be sure to let us know in Tech support so Phyllis can re-tweak things afterwards.