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Full Version: AO Retreat 2015: 'At Home'
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In case others haven't seen it, I just saw the AA has been updating the At Home retreat page with some of the things which will be shared at the retreat. It is very exciting.
Ok, so I'm going to be honest again. I am excited about the classes. I mean, reading and foreign language and the history of AO and Swedish drill and and and WOW!

But THE most exciting thing of all? The thing that makes me all smilie and nervous and over the moon with joy and love and happiness?!? THIS...

∙ Delicious meals with at least one Advisory/Auxiliary member at each table.

!!!!!!! We may start a mob to get to these tables!!!!
(06-22-2015, 01:42 AM)Primeperiwinkle Wrote: [ -> ]!!!!!!! We may start a mob to get to these tables!!!!

I think it might be hard, I might be switching tables every 4 minutes just to chat with every one. 
Just registered! Happy dancing....

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Anyone attending the "At Home" conference and passing through southern illinos on the way there and back?
Is anyone flying into Chicago (ORD) late Thursday night who would want to carpool? My flight arrives 11:36pm
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