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Full Version: AO/ CM Meeting in NW Indiana (near IL and not far from Michigan)
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Reneging on this. We ended up orphan hosting for December and January. The boys go back mid Jan. I could host something after that. But I cannot do any planning at all right now.

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Totally get it. Life and living sometimes just make life...well full. :)
I sort of figured this would be the case. But, we will do our best to get down there for the next one!
Is there a way to get notified of any future meetings? We make it to the Chicago area about once a year, and I'd love to drop in on an AO meeting if you'd let me! (And, though I just learned of the Jan. meeting, I'm sad that it's cancelled as we are heading there soon.)
February will honestly probably be out for me, but I sure do hope we can do it again sometime. I found each time there was something I continued to think about and find helpful. Thank you, Wendi.
Thank you for letting us know. I'm glad you can spend some peaceful, uninterrupted time with the boys.
(10-07-2015, 05:59 AM)Hi, I am new to the CM forum and was wondering where at your CM group is. I live in Three Oaks, MI. I am two min away from Laporte County in IN. I would love to join your group, if it\s not too far away, and also if you Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 12112116_10206766077566467_7395901306027...e=568A80F4]Thursday, October 15th, just a touch more than one week away.

I hope to have some AO friends there with whom we can discuss nature study.  I have a couple of the books Miss Mason used, and I'll be letting others touch them for a pittance (just kidding.  You can't touch them)*

Bring your own favorite resource, and a snack.  I will provide coffee, hot tea, and water is there at the library (really this time- last time, I couldn't do the coffee and I forgot the plates, but I should be able to do it this time).

An unexpected bonus was that last time, Baby Grayson came, too- he's my grandchild who was in the NICU during the AO conference and for whom so many, many people prayed.  He might be there this time, too- because nursing babies and nursling toddlers are always welcome wherever AO goes.=)

Hope you can come.

*Okay, seriously, you can touch them. You can take pictures.  And it's free.=)
Oops, sorry part of my message didn't show up. If you are accepting new members and I'm not too far away, I'd love to join your group!
I also would love to know about meetings in northwest IN! I am in southside Chicago and it's not that far.
I'm in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and would be interested in getting to one of these someday.

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