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Full Version: Year 6 Term 3 Poetry
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The booklist for Year 6 has long had a notation that Term 3 still needs a decision on a poet. That time has come!

We've selected Langston Hughes as the poet for Year 6 Term 3.
We are currently working on Alfred Noyes. I printed it up and made a book for year 6 with all 3 poets.
I'm just wondering now if I should go ahead and keep working on Noyes or switch over to Hughes? Was there a specific reason you feel Hughes is better? Or should I just finish Noyes with this student and switch it out for the next student? Or stay the course?
I'd stick with Noyes for now. The Year 6 booklist has always said that the poet for Term 3 needs to be finalized. We suggested Noyes or a collection of poems from an assortment of poets in the past. But Hughes merits an entire term, and this term works for that.
The other poets have links where someone has already listed the poems so that I can easily print out that term's poetry and put it in our poetry book. That has not yet been done for Langston Hughes. There is a link to finding separate poems online, but nothing yet where all of the poems have been brought together.