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Full Version: 2016 Conference Breakouts
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[Image: efdca62b4b68bd796b3bbaa61b98fce3.jpg]

[Image: c791da2278ac2cc17742e5c0c0a07b61.jpg]

Want to talk about Year 5? I'm going through my books now.
Or how about Year 2?

[Image: 3b533f870a6a0015d8d5bc74a6a4c6f6.jpg]

Wendi's getting ready to talk about Year 9.
You mean that you will be talking about these years at the conference and want some feedback to include there?
I mean, yay! Here's a little preview of the conference. :-)
[Image: 12967912_1411508885541831_6851832368762780808_o.jpg]
[Image: 11225385_1411508415541878_38837441745027...e=577E0CDC]
[Image: 12794467_1397005523658834_61631495542548...e=57B2120E]
[Image: 12885790_1396982723661114_5398702320671057195_o.jpg]
[Image: 12189629_1396980410328012_23695108364441...e=57BFA2BD]
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