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Full Version: Next conference plenary (extra special!)
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We're going out of order and offering Anne White's plenary next in honor of a big event: Minds More Awake, one of Anne's books, is a year old! And remember? July is AO's birthday month. So, this weekend we have two deals for you: the Kindle version of Anne's book is free and her talk is available for $.99.

[Image: C7WFPs6c.jpg]
Thanks Ambleside Online. God bless you all. I'm delighted to hear the hymn morning by morning. I only can sing this hymn in Spanish for now.

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Thank you Anne!

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Bless you, Anne, and the rest of the A/A, for constantly inspiring us and helping us all grow in our knowledge and implementation of the CM life!  Sooooo grateful for this AO community!
Thank you so much! I love it!
Thank you!
Woo Hoo! Thanks so much. =)
OH my! So so excited about this!
Thank you!
Wow! Thank you!
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