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Full Version: Third conference plenary
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Would you like to hear Karen Glass talk about narration and synthetic thinking? Come get her talk from the TX conference! AO's birthday month is over, but we'll say that the jubilee year continues. :) Plus, we just have a tradition now. The download will cost $.99 for the first 24 hours after release, and then the price will go up.

Yay! Thank you so much!
Thank you!!
Whoo hoo!
Just bought it! Can't wait to learn more for my year 1!!

His grace is sufficient for it all.
I bought this using my old cellphone. How can I get access to it again? I no longer have that phone. :-(

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Do you still have the confirmation email you got when you first bought it? You should be able to download again with that, if you have it. If not, we'll figure something out. :)
Try going to the Sellfy website and logging in :)
Thanks! I wasn't aware that site HAD a login. I was able to download it again. Hooray!

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