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Full Version: Year 7 Changes
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Year 7 now includes Beowulf as a scheduled read instead of a free read.

Also, the Basic or Lite version of Year 7 now includes Watership Down and Once and Future King.
Thanks, Kathy. Was something removed to make room, or was Beowulf just added to the schedule? (I ask because I have my weekly schedule all downloaded and formatted because we start school in July, so I'm wondering how much I need to update.)

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As far as I know, it was just added.
(06-13-2017, 02:24 PM)lklivingston Wrote: [ -> ]As far as I know, it was just added.
Thank you!

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(06-13-2017, 02:25 PM)helen Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you!

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Heaney's Beowulf won't add too much.  It is a pleasure to read.  :)
This sounds like great change! I had actually added this to the school schedule for my y7 (for us to read together). :)
Fabulous changes! :)
Thank you! I was going to schedule the illustrated Beowulf and you've done it for me! And I like the new formatting on the curriculum page. :)
Is there a reason that term 1 has more books in several categories? There's Penny Candy, The Weather Book, Watership Down, and now Beowulf. Is term 1 a lot heavier then the other terms, or does it even out with Joan of Arc and Freedom's Cause in term 2? I know Joan is long.

I hope this isn't confusing, I just seems like term 1 is a little heavier as I make our planners, but I haven't read all the books.
Another change: the Weather Book is now spread over the entire year.
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