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Full Version: Karen Glass Audio: Principles at the Helm
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Thanks for taking the time to do this. Enjoyed the podcast and looking forward to more....
Is the discount code still valid? Anyway, I'm going to buy it, as I still have to learn teaching principles and get some motivation to continue my "struggle". I guess this dismay kills my inspiration and kids see it too...
It's been a painstaking routine for me to homeschool my grandkids during the last couple of months...
There's no discount running right now, but I hope you will find it encouraging!
I found it encouraging!
We went through this with our local group and I think it's an excellent place for anyone new to CM to get a firm understanding of the underlying principles that guide all of her philosophy of education in just an hour of time. There are so many volumes of challenging reading and so many voices in the CM world anymore, it almost causes new people a level of paralysis. This audio resolves so much of that by pointing people directly to the heart of what matters straightaway. Our group loved it and I've referred people to it since we went through it to describe what she meant by "children are born persons."
We are just starting a CM discussion group and we, too, decided to use this seminar as our intro. I agree it's great as an intro for people unfamiliar with CM (for example one of our attendees just came along out of curiosity because her sister is using CM methods). It really got some interesting discussion flowing - especially for a first meeting with a few people who didn't know each other. We did part 1 and 2 and will continue with part 3 next month.
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