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Full Version: Christmas Break 2019
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[Image: aochristmasbreak.jpg]

Our FB group and forum will take a restful Christmas break beginning December 18. On December 16 and 17, we'll have a Christmas party! The forum will re-open on January 1, Charlotte Mason's birthday. The FB group will re-open on January 8, after Orthodox Christmas.
Merry Christmas!  We will see you again on January 1, Charlotte Mason's birthday.  The existing posts are still available for you to view, but new posting is now closed.
Welcome back!  Happy New Year, and happy birthday to Charlotte Mason!

(If you find yourself unable to post in any area where you expect to be able to post, message me or post here to let me know so I can fix that.)
My two teens were chomping at the bit to get back in the teen forum. Thank you, Kathy!
YAY!! Forums are back! [Heart <3]
FB is open again too!  If you still see the Christmas Break banner here on the forum, please let me know (but try refreshing your browser first).