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Full Version: New Scheduling Page
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Now the website has a convenient scheduling guide!
Thank you! I've been doing this for years and I'm still finding that I have to tweak the schedule, sometimes even mid term. Sometimes it's mistakes I made, sometimes things get added (outside school), sometimes family/personal reasons. But what I love most about this guide is the compilation of all the links to articles and blogs and videos that remind us how and WHY we schedule what we do. I need those reminders, I am prone to fall into the system trap. Thank you again!
That’s very helpful! We’re heading into our 4th year of AO, and I am going to have to come back and click through some of those links. I might have missed it, but I didn’t see the grid schedule mentioned or an image of it. I think that would be good to add
What a fabulous resource!
I agree, that is a fantastic page! I love how you have gathered together so many different ideas for scheduling and reassurance about doing it 'right' and those charts from various sources.

Just a couple of typos/corrections:

- Where it says "You can read more on this subject at The Work and Aims of the Parents' Union School and Brandy Vencel's post School Is War: Scheduling For Peace Revisited." (right before the heading "Variety in the Schedule") - that article on Brandy's website is actually a guest blog from Christy Hissong.

- it looks like there's a missing image of a checklist format a paragraph before the heading "Books in a basket"

- also, I don't know if this is worth fixing but in the Multiples chart I think it's supposed to be "Child 1 math" with mom at 10:00 and Child 3 math with mom at 10:30. Otherwise child 1 is doing math and having playtime at the same time. Child 1 and 3 are back-to-front at 12:00 and 1:15, too, I think. And as I think about it, maybe it is worth fixing given this is supposed to be for overwhelmed new mamas, to avoid unnecessary confusion?

Thank you to the people who put this fantastic page together!
I got the first two, Naomi will need to edit the Multiples Chart.
I updated the mutliples chart, thank you for catching that! Leslie will update it to the site when she gets a chance. It had my own children's names in there and switched it to "Child 1" "Child 2" etc. and I must have mixed them up in the process.
How quick and organised you all are!
Thank you for this!
Thanks for making this page. I usually spend what seems like hours making my schedule fit for my 3 students (when I need to be with them and when I'm unavailable), and I am looking forward to sending my friends (who ask me how I do things) to this page for help.
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