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Full Version: Wendi Capehart is with the Lord
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My words are insufficient…May the LORD comfort those who grieve. Thankful she is no longer in pain.

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Prayers for her family, both blood relations and all of you, her other family. This is so sad.
I am so very sorry. I offer my deepest condolences and sympathies.
Thank you, Father, for the work she did for You here on earth. Please comfort her closest connections and also those of us in the beautiful ripple effect of her life’s work. I am in sorrow over this, but I am thankful that she is part of the cloud of witness for all of us seeking to learn from what she taught us.
I'm so sorry to hear this.  She will be greatly missed. I'm praying for her whole family, and for her AO advisory family as well.
I have no words.  What an incredible blessing her life and work has been to so many of us and our families.  God speed you into the arms of our Savior, sweet sister in Christ.
She is now in a perfect place with God!!! She is not hurting anymore. I pray for all her family and loved ones as they grapple and deal with the loss of her and her daughter Angel. As they grieve may they feel Gods loving arms around them.
So sorry to read this. Praying for comfort for those she left behind. I feel so badly for her family to lose both her and Angel.
My prayers are with Wendi's family and dear friends...may God give comfort as only He can.
I cried so hard when I read of this on Facebook this morning. Wendi will be so dearly missed.
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