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Full Version: Patio Chats for 2022-2023!
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AO's Patio Chats are here for another year!

These weekly snippets provide a gentle, affirming introduction to the Charlotte Mason method over the course of the year with brief, informal explanations of Charlotte Mason distinctives, many taken from her 20 Principles.

This week and next, PRE-Patio Chats will be sent for the benefit of those just beginning to homeschool for the very first time -- five Chats to provide five steps to prepare for the new school year.

On August 8, the "real" Patio Chats will begin. If you're already part of the AO Forum or AO's MeWe group, you don't need to do a thing -- they'll be posted there every Monday. Otherwise, you can sign up to receive these little chats via email.

Details at