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Full Version: Christmas Break 2022
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As we begin this season of Advent, we want you to know about our upcoming Christmas break.  The forum, Facebook group, and MeWe group for AmblesideOnline will all take a restful break beginning December 17.  The forum will reopen on Charlotte Mason's birthday, January 1.  Facebook and MeWe will reopen after Eastern Christmas/Epiphany, on January 7.

May this be a blessed season in your home!
Merry Christmas!  May your next couple of weeks be ones of joy and love, hope and peace.  See you again on January 1.
Welcome back!  The forum is open again.  FB will reopen on January 7.
Happy New Year everyone!
It's so good to be back! It feels like it's been forever. Thank you, moderators, for the work you do! Hope you enjoyed to break. I have to say it was really good for me to be away from this, my "social media", for a couple of weeks. I do tend to check the forum incessantly for new posts when I'm overwhelmed or procrastinating. It was good to think about other things over the holidays. But so nice to be back!