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Full Version: Lynn Bruce with the Lord
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With shattered hearts yet with full confidence in the truth of the Gospel message, we must announce the difficult news that our beloved friend, colleague, and sister on the AmblesideOnline Advisory, Lynn Bruce, is now with the Lord she loved so well.

Lynn's fifteen-and-a-half year battle with advanced metastatic breast cancer ended today, February 18th, in the presence of her loving family. Lynn was immediately ushered into the presence of Jesus Christ, who has loved her with an everlasting love.

We ask that you pray for Lynn's husband Dan, her daughters Caitlin (Dan) and Claire, her son Justin, her grandchildren Luna, Wendell, Rosemary, and the coming baby, her mother Sarah, and her brothers David (and family) and Danny, along with her devoted cousins and friends.

And we ask, once again, that you pray for us on the Advisory as we seek to reconcile ourselves to that which cannot be reconciled, this side of Glory. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We grieve, deeply, yet not as those who have no hope.

After our beloved Advisory sister Wendi Capehart went to heaven one year ago, Lynn took on the task of finishing the final year's selection of folk songs. The song Lynn scheduled for this month, "Wayfaring Stranger," ends with these words:

"I'm going there to meet my Saviour,
To sing His praise forevermore.
I'm only going over Jordan,
I'm only going over home."

We will be remembering Lynn in our AO Community more fully in the coming days. We wish, again, to reassure you that the ministry of AmblesideOnline, which (after the raising of her children) was Lynn's other life work, belongs to God. She reminded us often of that great truth. AmblesideOnline will continue, undergirded by the magnificent legacy of Lynn's word artistry, her expansive knowledge of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy, and her enduring vision of God's faithfulness.

Until that day when we see you again, we love you, Lynn, more than words can say.

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Such a sad, sad day for all of us. Know that we are all holding up the Advisory and Lynn's family in prayer and gratitude.
I’m praying for Lynn’s family and for the Advisory team. We’ve been so blessed to have “known” Lynn through her work with AO.
I still remember vividly her testimony at the AO conference in Texas in 2016. She surely will be missed. It was ao nice to see all of the Advisories and the others there. Praying for strength and comfort for her family and all of you. She sure kept fighting. Amazing woman. How old was she?Blessings, Friederike
This breaks my heart. What a loss for us all. And yet I know her story is no tragedy, but a victory. She lived for Jesus’ glory and He has welcomed her Home.
I am so thankful for her work and for the rest of the Advisory who have so generously poured out their time and their very selves to make this beautiful education so accessible both to my children and also to me.

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So sad to see this! Praying for Lynn’s family, the Advisory, and her other friends, and looking forward to one day meeting her in heaven! Thank img the Lord for Lynn’s legacy.
Praying for her family and the Advisory and all the lives that were touched by her life.
We will be praying for her family. This is such a loss of an extraordinary life. 

Kim S.
So sorry to hear of her loss, what a gift she has given our family! We will be praying for the whole family at this difficult time.
I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m praying for her family
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