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Full Version: Exams Before 2023 Changes
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The exams that are on the AO website right now ( are the exams for the schedules that existed before the recent changes to the booklists and schedules.  Those changes affected every AO year.  The schedules and booklists on the AO website are all updated, but the exams are not.  This summer, the exams on the AO website will be updated to reflect the new schedules.  I saved the current exams to the Resources > Links and Downloads here, a thread for each year.  If you need them after they are removed from the website, they will remain available here.

If you have time to look through some of those threads, I'd appreciate some fresh eyes looking over them to be sure each thread includes all three terms and an answer key for the correct year.  They shouldn't have errors beyond having two copies of the same term or something like that.