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Full Version: Our book is here!
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(10-17-2023, 03:00 AM)EchoOfJoy Wrote: [ -> ]I was able to find it on Amazon by searching "Six Voices One Story" but not by searching "the heart of Ambleside Online," which I thought was weird. Maybe this link will work?

So looking forward to it! I really want to grab it and dive in, but I think I might hold out for Audible because I love it when Donna-Jean reads to me!  [cheesy grin] (And if she's not the narrator I'm sure it'll be someone else who's also awesome.)

Yay! Thank you SO much. The link worked!!

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(10-16-2023, 09:52 PM)Primeperiwinkle Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to cry all the way through your stupid stupid book! Why do y'all wreck me?!? I started crying at the DEDICATION!

Oh my gosh I love y'all!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift of your time and hearts!

I cried so much reading it. It was wonderful.
(10-17-2023, 09:29 PM)Phyllis Wrote: [ -> ]I cried so much reading it. It was wonderful.

I know!! It's just so good! And I'm like "These women have no clue how beautiful they are!!"

*sniff *cry!
I really look forward to reading this! Sounds like I might need a box of tissues on hand though.
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