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Full Version: New Emojis
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For those who care, we have added a few new emojis to the end of the list.  The last one is not resizing properly and I can't figure out why, so for now I'm just leaving it too large.

Crying Looking Stars Worried Bemused

This change was requested by our AO Teens (AO Students) here on the forum.
It looks fine to me.
Stars Stars Stars
(04-19-2024, 01:08 PM)Janice Wrote: [ -> ]It looks fine to me.
Maybe it just wasn't displaying correctly for me.
Stars ohhh I love this one.
Cool! Stars
WHY am I not taking advantage of these excellent emojis?! [Ves heill!]
There have been more ocassions than I can account for wherein I was desperately looking for some kind of "eyes" emoji. At last the search is over. Thanks for these, Kathy!