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Full Version: Upgrading forum...
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I just updated our forum software. It looks like now we have a little problem with logging in/out. I'm working on it....

Please be patient! :)
Well, that's weird - I see the "Likes" under your post listed twice, a duplicate row.
Also related to the upgrade. I had to turn them off, and then turn them back on. And now I need to fix them. :) But I'm more worried about the login problem!
Okay. That was an easy fix there (for the likes).

Please really do pray for me with the rest of this! I'd love to get it fixed before I have to go to bed, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. :-(
ForumRunner is no longer working with the forum.
It says the forum software plugin may be outdated.
It is all working fine for me, if that makes you feel any better. :)
I'm fine, but I haven't logged out and I don't use mobile.
I am always logged in and only rarely use mobile (on my Kindle). But I think even on the Kindle I don't log out.
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