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Full Version: New AO Geography Topics!
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(08-12-2013, 06:37 PM)Fleur Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for this info! Just wondering if you have a link for the kindle format of CM Elementary Geography...I found Long's on gutenburg but couldn't find CM's. (I am not so good on the figuring out how to "Push" things to my kindle and it also seems to have trouble with us being in New Zealand)

Fleur, this this the one that I used. Elementary Geography Have you tried using Online-Convert? This is the link. After the file is converted, then you can e-mail it to your Kindle address. Alternately, you can download a PDF at the Elementary Geography website address. Hope this helps!
Here is the other geography thread with some more links.
Thanks! It's funny...I don't know what happened but it suddenly appeared in my kindle from an old attempt to send it there. It used to show up as archived and I couldn't open it but suddenly there it is.
Yesterday's Classics has a nice Kindle volume, but I'm not sure if you have to be a subscriber to the Gateway program, or if you can just purchase it from them.
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