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Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Series forum, where we discuss the contents of Miss Mason's volumes. As you can see, there is a separate forum for each volume. These are focused forums for those wishing to learn more about the Charlotte Mason method of education by reading her own books and engaging in discussions of a philosophical nature. We welcome anyone who would like to dig deeper with us into the writings of CM and who enjoys lively discussions.

Posts must be relevant to the group's goal of understanding the philosophy of CM.

This is a good place to:
  • Join/start a book club style conversation that steadily moves through a single volume
  • Post thoughts on sections of volumes that you have been reading on your own
  • Ask questions about passages that confuse you
  • Discuss passages that inspire you
  • And so on

Please play nice and conduct yourself with dignity. Also, be sure you post about the correct volume in the correct forum. If you would like to engage in a topical study, or have more general questions about the volumes, please use the General CM Series Discussion forum. If discussion strays far beyond clarifying and applying CM’s texts, that thread or post will be relocated to the correct forum.

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General CM Series Discussion
Where to start, what version to use, and other general/topical conversations
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Volume 1 - Home Education
Six lectures by Charlotte Mason's about the raising and educating of young children (up to age 9) written for parents and teachers.
Moderated By: amerebreath, Purposeful Abnegation
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Volume 2 - Parents and Children
A collection of 26 articles from the original Parent's Review magazines to encourage and instruct parents.
Moderated By: EmilyT, MaryFrances
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Volume 3 - School Education
Thoughts about the teaching and curriculum of children aged 9-12 with details and examples of books, exams, etc.
Moderated By: NorthLaurel, Subversive Gardener
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Volume 4 - Ourselves
Charlotte's character curriculum written to children to teach morals and self-control. Book 1 is for children up to age 12, Book 2 is for high school students.
Moderated By: amerebreath, Jessie
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Volume 5 - Formation of Character
Stand-alone chapters to help all parents, regardless of the ages of their children. Excellent information on habit training.
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Volume 6 - Philosophy of Education
Charlotte's final book, this volume gives the best overview of her approach and includes the final version of her 20 Principles.
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