Clicking on the AmblesideOnline logo at the top of the forum will always take you back to the main forum.

Under the light green “Welcome back” box at the top left of the forum, you will see a light gray menu box. This has important menu items, such as Control Panel (where you change your user settings), Private Messages (where you send and receive messages with individuals on the forum), and several options for viewing posts.

Under this light gray menu bar, you will see the words “Ambleside Online Forums.” This is the FORUM DIRECTORY and it changes as you navigate through the forum.

Try clicking on the “Meet and Greet” forum in the Welcome Center and then look at the words now. It will say “Ambleside Online Forums / Welcome Center / Meet and Greet.”

You can now click on any of the words to be taken to that section. Clicking on “Ambleside Online Forums” will take you back to the main forum. Clicking on “Welcome Center” will take you to the main page of the Welcome Center forum. You can use this directory to help navigate around the site.