Contact a Forum Member
You can send an email to another forum member or you can send a private message.

In a web browser, you can contact a member directly from a thread or by pulling up their user profile. In a thread, find a post from that member. Under their member information box on the left side of the post, you'll see buttons that say "Email," "PM," "Website," and "Find."

In their user profile, the box on the lower left says "Send _______ an email," and "Send ___________ a private message."

If you click "Email," a form will appear so that you can compose your email. It will send from the forum directly, but the message should come from the email address associated with your forum profile.

If you click "PM," the private message page will appear. This is not an email, although a notification will be sent via email if the recipient has turned that on in Control Panel. A private message can only be read and responded to through the forum Private Message area.