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RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - MelisaH - 10-07-2015

Y'all come! [cheesy grin]

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - DaughterofEve - 10-07-2015

(10-07-2015, 01:23 PM)juliebugg Wrote: So I feel like the forum is for "serious inquiries only" because they are here for, like, ever. and Facebook is quicker/less serious/more transient. If I have just a quick question, how does the forum feel about that? I can't tell! How do we feel about this?

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The value of the forum for any sort of question is that it becomes a resource for the future. Your 'quick' question may be of benefit to who knows how many people later on.

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - carpeaeternitatem - 10-08-2015

So - I thought I had joined AO's facebook page years ago. I love to read the helpful blog posts, etc. Then I went to the retreat and heard all these people talking about a fb page that seemed much busier than the one I knew and loved. Came home and found out "oh, there's a GROUP!".

But, yes - chaos.

I didn't know it was possible to turn notifications off. I think I have to try that.

I've also noticed that people only half doing AO or just using it as a reading list seem to offer that kind of advice more freely on FB, while here we mostly keep that in the "combining with other curricula" area.

My favorite place to go for quick questions is the site map. But I'm probably odd that way. I spent 2 years getting to know AO through the site map before I got brave enough to join the yahoo loop.

You can also search the forum to see if someone else already asked your question.

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - MargaretT - 10-30-2015

So is the forum quieter because of Facebook??
I don't do Facebook but it does seem a little quiet here.

Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - laurke - 10-30-2015

Really? I thought it has been quite busy on the forum :)

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - Dawn Rhymer - 10-30-2015

I think they are both very busy. Every few days I skim through Facebook to see what has been posted/asked, but I don't post or comment. I see many of the same type of questions which are posted here, but there is also a lot of pictorial sharing of daily AO moments. I have gleaned some good information through Facebook. There are some AA who are much more active on Facebook than the Forum and some who are much more active on the Forum than Facebook. I still have no idea how anyone keeps tracking of what is going on in Facebook. Perhaps I will learn that with time.

Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - MaryFrances - 10-31-2015

I feel like the forum has gotten quite a bit slower! But it's seemed to happen gradually.

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RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - Dawn Rhymer - 10-31-2015

One way I gauge the activity Forum is by choosing "View Today's Posts" and then looking how many pages of threads are there. Typically there are 3 or 4. Sometimes, mainly weekends, there are 2. One day recently (in the last few months), we made it to 5! I think I would say the Forum has slowed down if we consistently only have 2 pages during the week.

It would be sad if the Forum slowed down. I am noticing many more serious questions on Facebook, and the discussions for those questions are occurring on Facebook. There was one I was disappointed to have missed--by that I mean that the discussion was not taking place on the Forum. I wish I could remember what it was. It was a very good discussion with quite a few of the AA taking part.

I'm not opposed to Facebook; I just don't know how to proceed with it in a useful way. To me, it is random and chaotic. I'm hoping over time, as I go there, it begins to make sense.

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - phoebebopeep - 10-31-2015

I thought things had slown down, too. I gauge this the same way Dawn Girl does.

RE: Want to Connect With AO on Facebook? - Celeste - 10-31-2015

I think it has quieted here slightly simply because all the beginning-of-the-school-year questions have slowed.