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Year 6 Term 3 Poetry - lklivingston - 02-07-2016

The booklist for Year 6 has long had a notation that Term 3 still needs a decision on a poet. That time has come!

We've selected Langston Hughes as the poet for Year 6 Term 3.

RE: Year 6 Term 3 Poetry - Janice - 02-07-2016

We are currently working on Alfred Noyes. I printed it up and made a book for year 6 with all 3 poets.
I'm just wondering now if I should go ahead and keep working on Noyes or switch over to Hughes? Was there a specific reason you feel Hughes is better? Or should I just finish Noyes with this student and switch it out for the next student? Or stay the course?

RE: Year 6 Term 3 Poetry - lklivingston - 02-07-2016

I'd stick with Noyes for now. The Year 6 booklist has always said that the poet for Term 3 needs to be finalized. We suggested Noyes or a collection of poems from an assortment of poets in the past. But Hughes merits an entire term, and this term works for that.

RE: Year 6 Term 3 Poetry - zanfree - 07-16-2016

The other poets have links where someone has already listed the poems so that I can easily print out that term's poetry and put it in our poetry book. That has not yet been done for Langston Hughes. There is a link to finding separate poems online, but nothing yet where all of the poems have been brought together.