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Christmas Break 2016 - lklivingston - 12-13-2016

[Image: 1ea5b15bd438a60d1d31392cd6b95bb3.jpg]Dear AmblesideOnline members,

This is a VERY important announcement, so please read!

The AO Forum and Facebook group will take a restful Holiday Break beginning on Saturday, December 17. We'll re-open the forum again on Charlotte Mason's birthday, Sunday, January 1, and re-open our Facebook chat group on Epiphany, January 7. Thus, the forum will be closed to posting for two weeks, and the Facebook group will be closed for a three week period.

Why are we taking this break? The CM method is about more than homeschooling; it's about life and relationships. We would like our AmblesideOnline family of members, moderators, Auxiliary and Advisory to step back from lessons and computers, and take time to savor the holidays with their loved ones.

Should you need AO information during the break, existing threads will remain available at the forum, and of course the AmblesideOnline website will remain up and running.

We encourage you all to explore AO's special Holiday pages during the break!

The Advisory's Favorite Holiday Stories and Poems:

Holiday Carols and favorite CDs:

May you find time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas, enjoy time with those you love, and be refreshed as you anticipate the coming year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

RE: Christmas Break 2016 - Purposeful Abnegation - 12-13-2016

Does this become the Christmas Party Thread? Or does that come later...

RE: Christmas Break 2016 - Phyllis - 12-13-2016

Later. :) And not here. This area is public.

RE: Christmas Break 2016 - lizwine - 12-13-2016

Thank you for all the moderators!! Enjoy your well deserved break!

Christmas Break 2016 - Marimastracchio - 12-14-2016

Enjoy you much deserved break! You guys rock!

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RE: Christmas Break 2016 - pinkrose - 12-15-2016

I'm new to AO, but I have to say that this is fabulous!  Enjoy the rest and family time, everyone!

RE: Christmas Break 2016 - Phyllis - 12-16-2016

Party time!

RE: Christmas Break 2016 - Heivices - 02-01-2017

So sorry I've missed it, must've been fun. fun makes me less anxious (I have legit anxiety, doc even put me on valium).