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Forgotten password? - Phyllis - 01-17-2018

I wanted to make a video to show how to recover a lost password. I kind of did, but it has no sound or text, so I doubt that it will be helpful. But for those who like visuals, here it is.

In words, though:
If you forget your forum password, please don't panic! I know it can seem like the end of the world to be stuck without the forum, but we will get you back in, probably even today. :) If not today, then tomorrow for sure.

So, you've forgotten your password. At the place to log in, click the option that you've lost your password, and input your email address. When I test this, I get an email right away, but some people have reported delays of up to 10 minutes, so you can go wash some dishes or something. :)

Then check your email. Click the link in the email. [Take another break from the computer, if necessary.]

Check email again. Copy the randomly generated password. Paste it in on the forum. You should be back in.

If you're not, write to

RE: Forgotten password? - Tammy Glaser - 08-06-2018

What if the person no longer has that email address and cannot log in to get the new password?

Should she write to the moderators email address?

I can vouch for her as an IRL person. [cheesy grin]

RE: Forgotten password? - Phyllis - 08-06-2018

Yes. :)