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AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - Donna-Jean - 07-23-2022

They’re here!

We promised!
Be sure to click on each link- you’ll see lyrics, articles, and recordings. With love from all of us and much gratitude to Lynn Bruce for her work.

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RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - Ozziemama - 07-23-2022

Thank you!!??

RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - LynnBruce - 07-23-2022

As I said in my Archipelago blog post today introducing the folk songs for this year--

I owe many heartfelt thanks to Wendi's daughters Nicole Ramsey and Rebecca Judy and my daughter Caitlin Beauchamp for their invaluable insights and support in helping me brainstorm about the songs selections for this year. I love these wonderful, brilliant girls. I love that folk songs matter so much to them, and that they’ve all grown up to be folk singing mamas.

RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - CrazyMama - 07-23-2022

Thank you so much for the time, effort, love, research, writing, listening and wisdom that went into this. I have been praying for the team behind this. Blessings on you and your households and the many households you guys are blessing who will have more joy because you took the time to make it easier for them to sing something outside their box and enjoy and bond together while growing in caring about others ways to sing about life. My newly turned 9 year old wanted to have a Birthday party and I asked him what he wanted to do and he said invite his friends over for s'mores and singing around our fire pit. His friends all do AO and we have AO songs as our common ground. It is such a blessing, thank you for all the hard work to finish off the project.

RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - amy.fischer - 07-23-2022

These are WONDERFUL selections. We just finished our term and the list and all of the notes are reinvigorating!

RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - dragonkeeper - 07-23-2022

Hurray! Thank you! You ladies are wonderful and a blessing. Seeing the work that you do -- not to mention benefiting from it -- makes me so happy.  [cheesy grin]

RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - Sammie2 - 07-23-2022

I already know some of these! So excited!

AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - audreygreer - 07-25-2022

Caitlin Beauchamp’s adorable video of her daughter singing a sea shanty of her own creation put me over the edge of starting the folk song rotation with my Year 0 kids last year. I had no idea how much it would enrich our lives! So thankful for the work you all do and I’m excited to officially start Year 1 this year.

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AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - Momofwee3three - 07-31-2022

Thank you! We are already listening!

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RE: AO’s 2022-2023 Folk Songs - ghutzley - 01-21-2023

Is there a central upload location where users share files?

I made little lyric books with all the 22/23 songs to put in our morning basket. We put on a playlist of the year's songs during table time and the kids use the books to sing along while they learn the lyrics.

I'd love to share if anyone is interested or there is a place to do that.