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Upgrading forum... - Phyllis - 05-20-2013

I just updated our forum software. It looks like now we have a little problem with logging in/out. I'm working on it....

Please be patient! :)

RE: Upgrading forum... - LeslieNoelani - 05-21-2013

Well, that's weird - I see the "Likes" under your post listed twice, a duplicate row.

RE: Upgrading forum... - Phyllis - 05-21-2013

Also related to the upgrade. I had to turn them off, and then turn them back on. And now I need to fix them. :) But I'm more worried about the login problem!

RE: Upgrading forum... - Phyllis - 05-21-2013

Okay. That was an easy fix there (for the likes).

Please really do pray for me with the rest of this! I'd love to get it fixed before I have to go to bed, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. :-(

RE: Upgrading forum... - lklivingston - 05-21-2013

ForumRunner is no longer working with the forum.

RE: Upgrading forum... - Jeanne Webb - 05-21-2013


RE: Upgrading forum... - lklivingston - 05-21-2013

It says the forum software plugin may be outdated.

RE: Upgrading forum... - michelle dawn - 05-21-2013

It is all working fine for me, if that makes you feel any better. :)

RE: Upgrading forum... - Kathy W. - 05-21-2013

I'm fine, but I haven't logged out and I don't use mobile.

RE: Upgrading forum... - MelisaH - 05-21-2013

I am always logged in and only rarely use mobile (on my Kindle). But I think even on the Kindle I don't log out.